Now you have to decide which guy you will be playing with, TTT type or BG type. Most people who are experienced in I wanna games choose TTT type since it has the- Second stage : Mountain I dunno, it might be the most bland stages in the whole game. There's not much difference than the Suburbs.

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Just making this list for my own amusement and to spark some discusions. Bear in mind that I'm likely wrong in some because (as everyone) I have a sort of personal headcannons.Open to discussion.Most Noxian fit, but also a lot of other champions. I think is the most common tag. Ultimate Smash Tier List Name your tier. Select a Colour. Sort Alphabetically Remove Tier. Omgbomber’s Monster Tier List for Summoners War |… Hey guys, check out Omgbomber’s rating for all the monsters in SW.This list is compiled by high level players: Jakiem, Coldsteel, Ryminal, Tofuwasabi and Scatfetis. Props to them! Here is the link I wanna be the Justice Guy(共同開発) - Delicious Fruit

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